Three D Hawthorne NY
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Catch basin cleaning
Retaining wall repair

Three D will repair broken, damaged, and sunken drains to restore to their original engineered function.


RETAINING WALLS - New, repair of existing, expansion 


Sidewalk Installation, Repair and Maintenance is necessary for the safe and efficient movement of pedestrians along streets, shopping area walkways and access to office buildings. A regular schedule of inspection, maintenance and repairs will insure a safe area in which to walk thus limiting liability as a result of trip and falls. Three D can provide inspection and reporting services as to the condition of sidewalks at your facility and recommend short and long term replacement strategies.” (can be found on pavement maintenance page)


POTHOLE REPAIR - Potholes are unsightly and present a safety hazard to pedestrian traffic. We remove defective areas, prepare the base and repave the area with a binder and topcoat.


DAMAGE RESTORATION - Large areas may need removal and replacement. We remove damaged paving , reprep the site and rebuild the affected area.


SPECIALTY MARKINGS - ADA / Handicapped markings, Crosswalks, Line Striping and directional markings are part of our services. We can also do parking lot signage.


SITE UPGRADES - Reworking parking space layouts, adding handicapped parking lines or other site enhancements are part of our services. We also do asphalt additions and extensions.


RESURFACING - Whether it is preventative maintenance our part of damage restoration we can resurface any existing asphalt area for a fresh, new look.

North American Power Sweeping