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Spring Street Sweeping: An Exercise in Environmental Maintenance

Spring street sweeping is sometimes a collaborative effort between local municipalities and companies like Three D. Every spring local municipalities have the job of making sure all the roadways in their cities are free and clear of debris left over from the recent winter months. Many roads require spreading of salt and sand during the winter months and it’s important to clean them once the season has switched over to spring. Some cities have grown at a pace where their current equipment cannot keep up with the required sweeping needs and that’s one of the reasons they outsource for street sweeping. Keeping municipal roads swept and sanitary is essential, sweeping not only makes the streets cleaner, but it’s also an important part of storm water pollution prevention. It prevents unwanted materials from flowing into the storm drains and polluting our watersheds and causing backups. In some cases where streets are heavily loaded with debris a mechanical sweeper goes first followed by a vacuum sweeper to collect the residual coarse and fine material. None the less spring street sweeping programs are focused on maximum debris removal for the safety and well-being of all citizens.


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