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Storm Water Management

For commercial properties, construction sites and municipalities, storm water management is an essential part of the services we provide. With summer coming to an end we are likely to see a hurricane or two and preventative maintenance is key to being able to limit the liability associated with polluted runoff. Part of storm water management is making sure that your catch basins are cleaned regularly to avoid collected debris from entering piping systems, reducing the chances of plugged pipes which causes overflowing. Plugged catch basins can produce flooding, damaging public and private property, as well as contaminate the water quality of our lakes, rivers and streams. Another way we deal with storm water management is filtering of storm water on your site, before it enters a municipality’s storm water conveyance system. Existing facilities already having a system of catch basins and underground conveyance pipes can have a series of filters installed in the catch basins for the collection of solids, such a dirt and floatable debris. An absorbent media, which is an integral part of the filter, collects oils and heavy metals, and other pollutants most associated with runoff. The adsorbent media collects up to 5 times its weight in pollutants. These are just some of the ways we can help you to avoid potential disasters. let Three D Industrial Maintenance service your storm water management system.

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