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Street and Parking Lot Sweeping

Street and Parking Lot Sweeping 

We currently provide sweeping services in Westchester, White Plains, Putnam, Dutchess, Rockland, Orange and Ulster Counties in NY.  Our flexibility allows us to provide various pricing models - hourly, daily, flat rate, weekly, monthly, or yearly pricing – depending on your needs


We’ve worked with many municipalities across our geographic area.  Street Superintendents enjoy the choice of using town employees to support the sweeping project, or having Three D provide all auxiliary support such as water trucks, dump trucks and disposal of collected sand and debris.


We work with Project managers through all phases of new construction to sweep streets clean from mud and dirt, keeping neighbors, subcontractors, and local authorities happy.

Shopping Centers
Whether a small commercial lot, corporate headquarters, strip shopping center, large mall or
sprawling shopping plaza, Three D can provide for your litter and rubbish needs.  Using late model vacuum trucks, our staff visits your lot overnight and depending on the level of service requested, will blow off all sidewalks, blow out all corners where litter accumulates, empty trash receptacles and replace liners, hand pick all litter in flower beds and the perimeter of the property, and vacuum sweep paved areas.  Any illegally dumped rubbish can be collected and disposed of.
Special Needs

Upon your request, we will provide a solution to any special needs you may have – such as parade  or festival cleanup, or any other one time event requiring the use of a vacuum or broom sweeper.


Parking lot signage
Parking lot striping
Parking lot striping

We understand safety and traffic control is vital to your properties.  Our team is well versed on the laws and regulations relating to signage and striping of your lot, as well as NYS Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. We can provide new or replacement signs and striping for your lot in a timely manner.


storm water management

Storm Water Catch Basin and Conveyance Cleaning is the primary mechanism for maintaining any storm water conveyance system in good working order. Debris from carelessly discarded litter, dirt, snow and ice control materials, as well as hydrocarbons and heavy metals from vehicle operation enter catch basins as a result of storm water flows.

catch basin cleaning

Catch basins are designed to collect this debris and prevent it from entering the piping system and watershed.  Regular cleaning is needed to reduce the chances plugged pipes causing overflowing catch basins and associated flooding which can damage public and private property, as well as improving the water quality of our lakes, rivers and streams.

catch basin filters

The filtering of storm water on your site, before it enters a municipality’s storm water conveyance system, is the most effective means of limiting the liability associated with polluted runoff. Existing facilities already having a system of catch basins and underground conveyance pipes can have a series of filters installed in the catch basins for the collection of solids such a dirt and floatable debris. An absorbent media, which is an integral part of the filter, collects oils and heavy metals, the pollutants most associated with parking area operations. The adsorbent media collects up to 5 times its weight in pollutants. Three D has installed catch basin filters at the Westchester County Airport, Liberty Transit in Yonkers and is under contract for installations at Westchester County Waste Water Treatment Plants and Solid Waste Transfer Stations.

underground video surveillance

Video Surveillance of Underground Storm Water and Sanitary Sewer Pipes is used to determine the condition of infra-structure, locate legal and illegal connections, as well as leaks which may be contributing to system overburden. Three D’s Video Surveillance affiliate can assist organizations in locating broken pipe as well as development of short and long term plans for underground conveyance system repair and replacement.


grafitti removal

Three D can quickly power wash or paint over graffiti by vandals on your property.  Quick removal is important as the chances of removal without the need to repaint are better accomplished if the paint hasn’t completely hardened or absorbed into the existing surface.  Allowed to remain, additional vandalism is drawn to the property. Using a hot or cold-water power wash, Three D can remove stains and gum from your sidewalks, creating a fresh well cared for appearance.


snow and ice control

Snow and Ice Control is a significant and often unpredictable task. Three D has the training, knowledge, experience and equipment to insure your facility will operate in the safest manner possible during the winter season.  Whether your need is the proper management of snow & ice for your commercial, retail or industrial lot, Three D can develop, implement and execute a plan that will help to minimize liabilities for employees and customers during adverse weather conditions.

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