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Getting ahead of the snow!

This is the part of the year that flys by. With holidays, celebrations, shopping, and cold weather coming fast, before you know it Black Friday will be here followed by a flurry of shopping. One never knows what the weather will bring during these times and with all the commotion about to take place, Three D takes plenty of time to prepare in advance. Parking lot management is one of our specialties through the hardest parts of the year. We strive to be the best in our methods of keeping parking lots safe for all to use. Any last minute parking lot curb maintenance gets taken care of now and our pavement maintenance, line stripping, catch basin cleaning, and debris removal is what we focus on to get you prepared for winter. It’s also very possible that at any time during the last two months of the year that we could see snow. Our mechanics have already begun to prep our snow removal fleet helping us to continue to provide the high quality of services we are known for. Even a sudden early storm that blows in one day and melts the next can wreak havoc in parking lots, rest assured Three D is ready to contend with Mother Nature on all fronts.

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