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Reduce The Risk with Inlet Protection

Do you have a system of catch basins and underground conveyance pipes that require constant cleaning? Without inlet protection in your catch basins you could be at risk of polluting public and private property. Three D can help reduce these risks as well help to improve the water quality of lakes, rivers and streams, by installing permanent inlet protection in your catch basins. The filtering of storm water on your site, before it enters a municipality’s storm water conveyance system, is the most effective means of limiting the liability associated with polluted runoff. Existing facilities already having a system of catch basins and underground conveyance pipes, can have a series of filters installed in the catch basins for the collection of solids such a dirt and floatable debris. An absorbent media, which is an integral part of the filter, collects oils and heavy metals, the pollutants most associated with parking area operations. The adsorbent media collects up to 5 times its weight in pollutants. Car washes, gas stations, commercial parking lots, dock drains, airports, and industrial maintenance facilities all benefit from having catch basin filters. Three D can provide you with the protection you need, lets provide you with permanent inlet and storm water run off protection today!

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