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The Importance of Parking Lot Maintenance

The job of keeping commercial parking lots clean and safe for all to use are a constant task. Litter and rubbish build up on a daily basis and left untouched leads to clogged storm water basins that can pollute nearby streams and water sheds. Besides being harmful for the environment, unsightly litter can also be a safety hazard when left untouched. Broken glass, cardboard, plastic, and paper products are all hazards for foot traffic as well as moving vehicles. That is why Three D Industrial Maintenance offers a variety of parking lot maintenance programs to fit your property size and budget. We are the areas leading Sweeping Company and when it comes to satisfying our customers our flexibility allows us to provide various pricing models - hourly, daily, flat rate, weekly, monthly, or yearly pricing – depending on your needs. Three D provides top-notch services for your litter and rubbish needs using late model vacuum trucks. Our staff visits your lot overnight and depending on the level of service requested, we also blow off all sidewalks, blow out all corners where litter accumulates, empty trash receptacles and replace liners, hand pick all litter in flower beds and the perimeter of the property, and vacuum sweep paved areas. Any illegally dumped rubbish can be collected and disposed of. Where quality is #1 we take great pride in our performance and reputation, any issues are immediately addressed and resolved to the Customer’s satisfaction. Call us today so we can discuss your needs and put your mind at ease knowing that we take great pride in our performance and reputation.

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