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The Importance of Catch Basin Cleaning After Winter

Catch Basins and storm drains, play a vital role in maintaining the safety and health of the environment and the general public. A catch basin accepts storm water, and provides some basic physical filtration, then releases the effluent into a watershed or a sewer system. Without a catch basin in place you could be at risk of polluting public and private property. Catch basin inspection and cleaning is especially important after the winter months have subsided and before any spring storms take place washing away the leftover litter built up in snow banks, sand and salt that has accumulated from winter parking lot maintenance, and leaves and sticks. All these items will clog a catch basin if not checked and maintained, creating flooding and not allowing it to enter a municipality’s storm water conveyance system. Catch basins can also have a series of filters installed in the catch basins for the collection of solids such as dirt, floatable debris, oils and heavy metals. Three D can help reduce these risks as well help to improve the water quality of lakes, rivers and streams, by installing permanent inlet protection in your catch basins, call us today so we can provide you with the protection you need, with permanent inlet and storm water run off protection.

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