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Commercial Property Cleanup

As the snow plows have all been pulled off our trucks and specialty snow removing equipment long been put away, there are still many moving parts to the Three D Company. With the arrival of spring and what feels like an early summer, our fleet of street sweeping vehicles is now out in full force working in tandem with local municipalities to rid the streets and parking lots of what winter left behind. At the same time our construction crews are providing our commercial clients with pavement maintenance for parking lots, exterior commercial building repair, landscaping, signage and specialty markings as well as line striping. We even have our Vactor Trucks and crews hard at work providing Storm Water Management. Our Vactor Trucks are a very necessary piece of equipment design specifically to provide catch basin and conveyance cleaning which is the primary mechanism for maintaining any storm water conveyance system and keeping it in good working order. On top of all this Three D continues to have a full fleet of equipment actively providing daily maintenance programs for small commercial lots, corporate headquarters, strip shopping centers, large malls and sprawling shopping plazas. As we look forward to an exciting summer 2018, please keep in mind that we also provide solutions to any special needs you may have – such as parade or festival cleanup, or any other one time event requiring the use of a vacuum or broom sweeper.

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