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Flash Floods and Catch Basins Protection

With the onset of summer rains, they some times can happen fast and furiously wreaking havoc on commercial properties and parking lots alike. They can be especially troublesome if your catch basins haven’t been regularly maintained or cleaned recently, putting you at risk of polluting public and private property. A catch basin (a.k.a., storm drain inlet, curb inlet) is an inlet to the storm drain system that typically includes a grate or curb inlet where storm water enters the catch basin to capture sediment, debris and associated pollutants (we also have catch basin filters for certain pollutants). Without a catch basin (and catch basin filter) in place you not only could be at risk of polluting public and private property, but cause severe damage to your own property from flooding. Cleaning catch basins regularly prevents streets and parking lots from flooding and keeps the rain run-off flowing as desired. They are also used in combined sewer watersheds to capture floatables and settle some solids. Catch basins are the front line of defense against storm water pollution, and need to be checked and cleaned regularly. If you own a commercial property and you don’t have a regular maintenance schedule set up for catch basin inspection and cleaning, call Three D today to find out how we can help to protect your property and reduce flooding due to blockages or damage.

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