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Coastal Hurricanes Bring In-land Flooding

We are still in that part of the year where it’s no longer summer but hurricanes are still a big threat. When hurricanes make landfall its not only the coastal areas that see excessive damage, hurricanes can come way inland causing heavy rains and floods that can wreak havoc on public transportation as well as nearby watersheds and commercial properties. That is enough reason alone to want to keep your catch basins and drainage systems up to snuff. If you own a commercial property, a plugged catch basin can mean parking lot flooding, increased liabilities and decreased traffic flow, as well as damage to your property. Three D specializes in maintenance programs that not only keep your commercial properties free of debris, we also provide routine pavement maintenance, specialize in signage and striping and curb appeal, and have our personnel provide routine check ups on catch basins to be sure to keep them free flowing for optimal performance. We also can provide you with catch basing filters to prevent any unwanted pollutants to flow through and into nearby watersheds. With over 75 combined years in the industry -exceeding customer expectations and fulfilling the needs of each customer are our primary goals. Let Three D help bring your commercial property up to standards and be prepared for the change of seasons.

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