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Using The Weather to Your Advantage

With Slow-moving winter weather systems and no major precipitation in the immediate future, we recommend that you take advantage of this dry winter and push forward with pavement maintenance. Before its too late to turn back now is one of the last times you’ll have to get your parking lot inspected. Its better late than never to have parking lots and curbing repaired and side walks fixed. Unsightly potholes and broken curbing as well as lifted sidewalks can all be liabilities and should be regarded as a top priority to have fixed. A few unseasonably warm dry days is all we need to send our staff out to get the job done right. If you missed us in the fall then now is the perfect opportunity to call ahead and get on our schedule so we can get your property inspected, quote you a price on any repairs we see as a priority and get you on the road to recovery. And while potholes, and pavement damages are inevitable during the unforgiving months of winter, some major and costly damages can be prevented. If cracks and potholes aren’t fixed or addressed they can grow bigger and allow snow to melt and seep beneath causing permanent damage. Lastly if there’s any leftover sand, dirt, or litter now would be a perfect time to have it removed from your property as well. Call Three D today!

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