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Three D Has You Covered

As New York continues to experience more precipitation than normal one thing is for certain, the weather will break and the sun will eventually come out. No one knows this better than Three D. We are prepared not only for wet conditions but for extended periods of dry weather as well.

Commercial properties that experience long bouts of rain can have an abundance of surface dirt/silt from flash floods. During this type of extended rain nearby waterways can also overflow leaving behind a mess sitting on top of the pavement making for less than desirable conditions on your property. Not to mention any catch basin back ups of your own that can’t keep up with the demand for high water flow, will leave behind an abundance of litter and debris.

Once things dry out commercial properties need to have a plan of scheduled parking lot maintenance in place to rid the pavement of all surface dirt as well as debris left behind from spring storms. Our crews have the experience coupled with a top-notch fleet of equipment to get the job done right and in a timely fashion. We pride ourselves on not only having a trained crew of skilled workers but also having the right equipment in our fleet to give you the best possible result.

No one should have to feel like they need to go to the car wash after driving through your parking lot as well as be unsafe when traveling through your property on foot. Limit your liabilities and keep your parking lots clean and safe for all to use and call Three D today to get on our monthly maintenance schedule!

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