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A full-service approach that prioritizes our customers

Three D Industrial Maintenance

Maintaining a smooth operating commercial property with minimal liabilities can be challenging. Tasks such as litter removal, pothole repair, sidewalk upkeep, parking lot curbing, landscaping, catch basin cleaning, parking lot signage, and specialty striping are crucial but can be overwhelming. Our programs ensure parking lots are free of debris, with regular pavement maintenance, catch basin cleaning, trash and litter removal from hardscaped areas, and sweeping of all curb lines and corners. This helps your property maintain a clean, crisp appearance, showing customers that you value the details.

Three D offers a full-service approach that prioritizes our customers. Our daily maintenance includes litter patrol, parking lot sweeping, catch basin cleaning and inspection, parking lot repair, snow removal, and specialty signage and line striping. We service garages, airports, shopping malls, campuses, grocery stores, and various commercial parking areas. Neglecting proper property maintenance can lead to customer loss and potential liabilities year-round. Three D understands the needs of parking areas and offers extensive maintenance services, enhancing your property's curb appeal and ensuring a safe, welcoming environment for all users.


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