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Catch Basins: Inspection, Cleaning Maintaining

With April in sight its time to start thinking about having catch basins cleaned for both municipalities and commercial properties. Catch basin inspection and cleaning is an important part of our services. You’ll want to have this done especially after the harsh winter months and before any spring storms take place that would wash the leftover salt, sand, litter, leaves and sticks into your conveyance system. All these items will clog a catch basin if not checked and maintained creating flooding and not allowing runoff to enter storm water drains. A proper functioning drainage system ensures that runoff doesn’t contaminate or pollute local waterways and keeps parking lots and city streets free and clear from flooding. Through a combination of high-pressure water and industrial strength vacuums, our crews break up and wash all debris out of your catch basins. If you suspect any substances that would be harmful to the environment we can also have a series of filters installed in the catch basins for the collection of solids such as dirt, floatable debris, oils and heavy metals.

We provide a necessary service to the well being of local and state roads as well as provide a numerous amount of services for property owners and their parking lots both large and small. We are available 24/7 for any questions and problems you may have and can provide various pricing models - hourly, daily, flat rate, weekly, monthly, or yearly pricing – depending on your needs.


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