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Cleaning the catch basins on your commercial property

Don’t wait till the catch basins on your commercial property are clogged to have them cleaned. A catch basin accepts storm water, and provides some basic physical filtration, then releases the effluent into a watershed or a sewer system. This is what makes it possible for water flow to continue through and drain as needed. Without a catch basin in place, you could be at risk of flooding, as well as polluting public and private property. Catch basins should be inspected to determine if they need to be cleaned. Typically, a catch basin should be cleaned if the depth of deposits is greater than or equal to one-third the depth from the basin to the invert of the lowest pipe or opening into or out of the basin. Through a combination of high-pressure water jetting and industrial strength vacuums, we break up and wash all material out of a catch basin to allow more material to build up in the basin. If a catch basin gets clogged with sticks, trash and whatever might be floating across a parking lot, the drainage system is compromised, creating problems for municipalities, towns and cities. Contact Three D Industrial Maintenance today so we can provide you with the protection you need, with permanent inlet and storm water run-off protection.


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