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Fall Parking Lot Sweeping

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

If your parking areas are not being routinely swept this time of year, they can become unsightly and ultimately turn away customers. Furthermore, leaves and sticks can plug up your catch basins which could pollute public and private property and cause severe damage to your own property from flooding. The fall season can turn your parking lots into a vortex for debris as the wind carries it into the corners, and if not dealt with daily this could put you at risk. Three D can develop maintenance plans for commercial properties as to help provide a safe place for all pedestrians, employees, and consumers, to use ALL year long. We are also still dealing with cleaning up personal protection debris scattered amongst parking lots. Disposed rubber gloves, disposable face masks, and wipes are a common theme of what’s being found on the ground (and underneath landscaping as the wind spreads it out). Three D has a full fleet of vehicles for street and parking lot cleaning to prevent fall and PPE debris from having an effect on your commercial property, contact us today to get on our daily maintenance schedule.


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