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Is your commercial property being care of the right way?

Ongoing parking lot maintenance should include regular investigation of pavement and parking areas as well as storm drains, even during winter. Any potholes, cracks, or other asphalt imperfections should be taken note of and plans made for repair. A pothole or crack in winter can cause everything from a pedestrian fall to a major accident. Snow can cover this stuff up making it that much harder to see, which could cause an increase in liabilities. Commercial properties rely on us to keep their parking areas and pedestrian walkways clear from accumulating snow so these things can be seen and taken care of properly.

Three D has been long prepared for winter and our staff and fleet of snow removal vehicles are ready to do their job effectively at a moment’s notice. let Three D handle all your parking area needs during this time of year. Three D has the training, knowledge, experience and equipment to ensure your facility will operate in the safest manner possible during the 2020/2021 winter season.

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