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Is your commercial property prepared for a flash flood?

Flash flooding of flat low-lying areas like parking lots and can wreak havoc on storm water conveyance systems if your catch basins are not inspected on a regular basis. Flash floods during the summer months can be caused by heavy rains associated with severe thunderstorms, hurricanes, or tropical storms. Three D provides catch basin cleaning and storm water management by making sure that your catch basins are cleaned regularly to avoid collected debris from entering piping systems. In doing this it can reduce the chances of plugged pipes that cause overflowing. Another way we deal with storm water management is filtering of storm water on your commercial property. Underground conveyance pipes can have a series of filters installed in the catch basins for the collection of solids, such as dirt and floatable debris. If your commercial property is undergoing construction, we recommend the use of an absorbent media in the filter, to collect oils and heavy metals, and other pollutants most associated with runoff. Flash floods can occur under several types of conditions, but usually when it rains rapidly on saturated soil or areas that have poor absorption ability.

We provide a necessary service to property owners and their parking lots both large and small. We are available 24/7 for any questions and problems you may have and can provide various pricing models - hourly, daily, flat rate, weekly, monthly, or yearly pricing – depending on your needs.


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