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Its time for Catch basin inspection and cleaning

Catch basins are the front line of defense against storm water pollution and need to be checked and cleaned regularly. A catch basin accepts storm water, and provides some basic physical filtration, then releases the effluent into a watershed or a sewer system. Without a catch basin in place, you could be at risk of polluting public and private property. If not regularly maintained, your catch basins could be clogged and end up flooding. Catch basin inspection and cleaning is especially important during the spring months before any storms take place. Catch basins can also have a series of filters installed in them for the collection of solids such as dirt, floatable debris, oils and heavy metals. As a commercial property owner, you can also help to improve the water quality of lakes, rivers and streams, by installing permanent inlet protection in your catch basins. Setting up a scheduled regular maintenance program is your best approach to preventing future problems. Don’t wait, get your catch basin cleaned before it is blocked. This will make it possible for water flow to continue through the drain as needed. Get on our regular maintenance schedule and call us today so we can provide you with the protection you need, with permanent inlet and storm water run-off protection.


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