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Keep Your Parking Areas Free From Oil Stains

oil stain in parking lot

Gasoline, grease, and transmission fluid are not only unsightly but can be the cause of slips and falls creating a whole host of other problems for commercial property owners. These fluids and asphalt binders are closely related since they’re both petroleum by-products. If an oil stain remains on the asphalt for extended periods, it not only can be a hazard, but it also ruins the bond in the pavement by weakening the binder and can cause chips or cracks in a parking lot that could require costly repairs. We recommend taking advantage of our power washing services to remove them before it’s too late. Power washing can be an effective method for removing oil stains when combined with suitable cleaning products. Oil stains in a parking lot left unchecked can turn into a big deal, so having them removed can help to address any problems (especially before the winter). To learn more about how we can remove oil stains from your parking lot or to inquire about our industrial maintenance services, contact Three D Industrial Maintenance today!


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