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Keeping your storm drains clear during the pandemic.

Keeping your storm drains clear on your commercial property may never be more important than now. Making sure your storm drains flow freely by having routine inspections of your catch basins is priority when having a commercial property, and there’s nothing like a global pandemic to add to the growing amount of debris that gets discarded in parking lots both indoor and out. Wipes, masks, and gloves are among the PPE (personal protection equipment) clogging catch basins and storm drains across the country. There’s a surge of clogged pipes and damaged equipment caused by masks, gloves and wipes. The discarded masks and gloves that litter sidewalks and parking lots can not only clog storm drains, they can wash out to sea and eventually add to the plastics burden that the ocean is already suffering from. Three D specializes in catch basin / storm drain cleaning and we can provide regular inspection to prevent clogs from PPE and overflows from happening in your parking lot. We can also supply catch basin filters if your property is under construction or you suspect pollutants nearby. Our staff and machines provide they very best in clean up methods and our machines are considered state of the art in the Street Sweeping industry. Three D cares about our customers and the environment, we strive to make your experience with us the best ever. Don’t wait till its too late, call Three D so we can discuss your options.


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