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Parking lot preparation for fall

Colder weather will be here soon and as both rain and temperatures fall, leaves will start to fall too. This also includes branches, twigs, tree fruit, weeds and other debris as mother nature sheds summer in preparation for fall. Parking lots often become a vortex for debris as the wind carries it into the corners and if not dealt with on a daily basis this could put you at risk. An unsightly property can ultimately turn away customers as well as plug up your catch basins which could pollute public and private property and cause severe damage to your own from flooding. Being on our daily maintenance schedule and having us perform catch basin inspection and cleaning will help to prevent streets and parking lots from flooding as well as minimize potential liability. If you don’t have a maintenance program in place for your commercial property, don’t hesitate to call us so we can discuss the proper maintenance of your sidewalks, streets and public areas, helping to be your first line of defense against seasonal changes. With many years of experience in the field of parking lot maintenance and working side by side with our clients, we develop maintenance plans for commercial properties as to help provide a safe place for all pedestrians, employees, and consumers, to use ALL year long. Call Three D today.


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