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Regular parking lot sweeping in your commercial space

It’s important to perform regular parking lot #sweeping in your commercial space, and here’s a few reasons why:

The inability to maintain a clean parking lot area gives the impression that a business isn’t capable of taking care of its customers, which reflects on you. First impressions definitely count and professionalism is determined by the overall exterior appeal of a #commercial property. A clean parking lot can help to build upon your customer base giving a competitive edge, keeping things above par. Our sweepers remove cigarette butts, paper, plastic lids, coffee cups, cans, leaves, glass and other debris that accumulates in your parking area, and our team is equipped with backpack blowers to hand blow all landscaping areas, corners, and other areas not accessible with our parking lot sweepers.

Being a part of our daily #maintenance and sweeping programs can help to extend the life of asphalt or concrete parking surfaces by reducing the sand or gravel that can accumulate over time, all important reasons to have Three D Industrial Maintenance on your side .. call us today! 1-914-592-3090


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