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The onset of fall AND the hazards

New York Fall Season 2023

New York Fall Season 2023

Leaves, leaves, leaves! Fall is in full swing, and leaves are collecting in parking areas all over the state, clogging storm drains, and creating slip hazards when wet. Three D has daily maintenance programs in place to deal with the onset of fall and the hazards it can create. Besides curb appeal, safety should be the number one focus in parking lots for both pedestrians and drivers. Daily sweeping can help to save you the frustration and the liabilities that come along with fall. Three D has a fleet of leaf sweepers/vehicles/ and vacuum vehicles to collect and remove leaf litter and other organic detritus from your commercial property. Parking lot sweeping is not only in place to keep your curb appeal looking top notch, but it also addresses safety AND plays a role in your stormwater management plan to keep waterways clean and to enhance the appearance of your property.


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