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Why Choose Three D?

If you’re property manager, municipality, plaza owner, construction site project manager, own commercial property, or are a superintendent, choosing Three D can be a huge asset to you. Three D is a full service Municipal, Street, Sidewalk, and Parking Area Maintenance Company doing business since 1975. We are the area’s leading sweeping company with six offices and maintenance facilities, and two affiliated companies. We offer a wide array of services including the following:

STREET AND PARKINGLOT SWEEPING We provide sweeping services in Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Rockland, Orange and Ulster Counties in NY.

MUNICIPAL Auxiliary support such as water trucks, dump trucks and disposal of collected sand and debris.

CONSTRUCTION Work with Project managers through all phases of new construction to sweep streets clean from mud and dirt, keeping neighbors, subcontractors, and local authorities happy.

SHOPPING CENTERS Blow out all corners where litter accumulates, empty trash receptacles and replace liners, hand pick all litter in flower beds and the perimeter of the property, and vacuum sweep paved areas. Any illegally dumped rubbish can be collected and disposed of.

SPECIAL NEEDS We can provide a solution to any special needs you may have – such as a parade or festival cleanup, or any other one time event.

PARKING LOT SIGNAGE AND STRIPING We can provide new or replacement signs and striping for your lot in a timely manner.

STORM WATER MANAGEMENT Storm Water Catch Basin and Conveyance Cleaning is the primary mechanism for maintaining any storm water conveyance system in good working order.

GRAFFITTI REMOVAL Three D can quickly power wash or paint over graffiti by vandals on your property.

SNOW AND ICE CONTROL Three D has the training, knowledge, experience and equipment to insure your facility will operate in the safest manner possible during the winter season.

PAVEMENT MAINTENANCE Whether it is preventative maintenance or part of damage restoration we can resurface any existing asphalt area for a fresh, new look.

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