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A Busy Time at Three D

While spring 2017 is on the approach, winter storms have put our crews to the test while we jockey between spring prep on our Street Sweepers and maintenance on our Plow trucks for snow removal. With our state of the art repair facility and our crew of mechanics hard at work, we strive for perfection to keep a well maintained fleet and tools we use to fulfill the needs of each customer and municipality. When the weather finally clears, and the snow banks have all melted, local streets will go through a rigorous clean up stage to remove all winter debris. That means new brooms for our sweepers, maintenance for our Vactor Trucks (that clean out storm water drains), engine and hydraulic maintenance routines and any repairs to our equipment where necessary. Because we also have the ability to make our own parts, we are able to keep down-time to a minimum and performance quality at the highest achievable level. So while winter throws its last few storms our way, we are busy preparing on all fronts, meeting our goal of completing every job in a timely manner and making sure that our 100%-on-time record is unmatched.

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