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What's the condition of your facilities parking and roadway infrastructure?

Now that Summer 2017 is behind us and temps are dropping, it’s a perfect time to do any last minute maintenance to your parking lot before it’s too cold for repairs or laying fresh pavement. Also did you know that asphalt crack and surface sealing extends the life of parking lots and roadways by sealing the surfaces, thus prohibiting water from entering subsurface areas, freezing and breaking up asphalt areas? With winter right around the corner now is a perfect time to contact Three D so we can review the condition of your facilities parking and roadway infrastructure and advise if crack filling and surface sealing would be cost beneficial. We also specialize in pothole repair, damage restoration, specialty markings, site upgrades, as well as side walk installation and maintenance. A regular schedule of inspection, maintenance and repairs will insure a safe area in which to walk thus limiting liability as a result of trip and falls and by providing facilities that are more comfortable, it can increase the number of trips made by walking. Providing sidewalks, widened paved shoulders, or stabilized shoulder can also increase the transportation options for individuals who may not be able to drive a car. Additionally, by moving pedestrians off the travel lanes, motorist operations are improved and capacity increased. All things taken into consideration, if you have a commercial property, the time to call Three D is now before winter 2017 arrives.

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