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Ice and Rain Wreak Havoc in Parking Lots

As winter unfolds one never can predict just how much snow or precipitation we will receive. One thing is for sure, precipitation will come and it will bring either lots of snow along with icy conditions or we will see a moderate winter with little snow but most likely to see more ICY CONDITIONS. Rain that freezes and turns to ice not only creates dangerous driving conditions and power outages, but it wreaks havoc in commercial parking lots. It’s imperative that as a property owner you have a winter plan in place that can handle not only the largest of snow falls but the worst of conditions being ice and freezing rain. With years of proven experience Three D is know for being able to handle all facets of winter and help you develop a plan that will fit your needs. Our highly trained staff and large fleet of commercial snow removal vehicles, is second to none and exceeding the needs of our customer expectations are our primary goals. Call us today so we can help you put a plan in place before its too late and we can discuss our snow and ice removal techniques in full and help to keep your parking lots safe for all to use this coming winter season.

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