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Preparing For Both an Early Spring / Long Winter

With the 2017/2018 winter starting off with bang, it’s hard to imagine that an early end could be insight for the harsh and cold temperatures that we started off with, however anything could be possible. As is typical in La Niña base state winters, we expect the greatest risk of cold early in the winter in the eastern U.S., with the cold retreating towards the Pacific Northwest as the winter progresses. But predictions are exactly just that “predictions”. For this reason alone Three D always prepares for the end of one season and the beginning of another by having a fleet of equipment well maintained and ready to go at a moments notice. With our state of the art repair facility, our in house mechanics are constantly busy maintaining one fleet while getting another ready to go. We not only maintain on a daily basis, we also have the capability to manufacture our own parts diminishing down time as well as designing parts for our fleet to work in our favor by using our Victory CNC Plasma System. The CNC system enables us to modernize and streamline our maintenance routines allowing us to be a leader in our industry. Its anyone’s guess as to how the remainder of this season will play out, but either way being prepared is more than half the battle.

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