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Spring Cleaning on Roadways and Parking Lots

While old man winter sends the last of his efforts to hold on to snowy days, we are busy in our state of the art repair and fabrication facility preparing our fleet for a full on assault to clean up after the wrath of winter. Every year we not only start the spring season out by doing a thorough scrub and litter clean up of all of our commercial clients parking lots, construction sites, catch basins, and mall parking lots, but we also work in tandem with local Municipalities cleaning up roadways. Our fleet can handle anything winter leaves behind and at the same time we're doing a job that’s essential to the safety of motorists and public waterways alike. Sand and salt left on roadways in the spring makes for an accident waiting to happen by decreasing a motorist’s ability to stop properly, and decrease overall traction on roadways. Salt accumulation and other methods used to keep roadways clear of snow and ice can find their way into local watersheds and nearby streams with the down pour of spring showers if not removed from the roadways in time. Three D has a full fleet of vehicles for street and parking lot cleaning as well as Vactor Trucks for catch basin cleaning to prevent roadway debris from having an effect on the environment. Our machines provide they very best in clean up methods and are considered state of the art in the Street Sweeping industry. Three D cares about our customers and the environment, we strive to make your experience with us the best ever.

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