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Commercial Property Parking Area Maintenance

If you’re a commercial property owner then you already know the importance of a well-maintained parking lot area. A parking lot that shows signs of neglect will have a negative impact on your visitors before they even reach your front door. That’s where Three D can provide you with a multitude of services to avoid that ever happening. Not only do we provide parking lot sweeping and litter control we also have the means necessary to maintain the pavement on your property as well as repair or replace any broken sidewalk areas or parking lot curbing. After we review the condition of your facilities parking and roadway infrastructure we can advise if crack filling and surface sealing would be cost beneficial, and whether it is preventative maintenance or damage restoration we can also resurface any existing asphalt area for a fresh, new look. If the sidewalks are in disrepair on your property our experienced team can provide regular inspection and maintenance as well as repairs thus to insure a safe area in which to walk, limiting liability as a result of trip and falls. We can also recommend short and long term replacement strategies. Our list of services in this area is everything you need to keep a well-maintained property for all to use, we even provide line striping, specialty markings, storm water control, and catch basin cleaning. Call Three D today and let us help you have peace of mind for your commercial property.

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