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Heavy Equipment and Cold Temperatures

Colder temperatures go hand in hand with equipment breakdowns. When temperatures drop below freezing, certain metals become brittle and can break without warning. That’s why our in house mechanics pride themselves on having a state of the art facility to keep our fleet in top-notch condition. By having our own facility to service our fleet, we can stay on top of routine maintenance, and also fix any equipment failure with literally no down time.

Our Victory CNC Plasma System also allows us to produce and manufacture our own parts, making our equipment unique in the field allowing us to specialize in our list of services. Doing this has enabled us to modernize our equipment and also streamline our maintenance routines, making us the top of the field in our industry. Parking lot maintenance, snow removal, construction, and pavement maintenance all require heavy equipment and highly trained operators, and without all the correct facets to our operations we wouldn’t be where we are today. Being in business since 1975, Three D has overcome all obstacles by hard work and exceeding customer expectations. With the right equipment you can do the right job, but having the means to keep the equipment in top notch working condition is priceless.

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