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Spring is on the horizon

With average temperatures in April expected to be in the high 40’s/mid 60’s, now is a perfect time to get on our schedule for spring clean ups. Once the snow banks start to melt they will leave behind a plethora of debris that could very easily clog storm drains and catch basins rendering the drainage system for your commercial parking lot severely compromised. Spring in Northeast can tend to be a bit unsightly and any debris left behind from snow piles, collecting in the corners of your parking lot, can further make your property appear un kept and in need of attention. Our crews are trained to provide the very best in service to your commercial property so your “curb” appeal is top knotch and we also can provide site examinations for any problem areas that have arisen over the course of the winter. Freezing and thawing pavement can often buckle and crack resulting in potholes further increasing your chances of liabilities. The same can also be said for walkways, sidewalks, and curbing. Let Three D get your commercial property performing to its best ability and then allows us to keep it there with a monthly maintenance program. Visit our website for further details and see why Three D is the leading Industrial Maintenance company in New York.

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