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Working around the weather

April showers have always made spring clean up challenging in all facets of commercial properties. Working around the weather and cleaning up all the debris on each property while the rain further relocates what’s left behind from winter, are the challenging obstacles. Parking lots can be swept in light precipitation but rain showers hinder our methods. The same goes for catch basin cleaning which is paramount for this tine of the year. Because rain can and will happen at any moment the chances of winter debris being swept into your catch basins are high. We do our very best to examine and thoroughly clean each and every catch basin (especially during this time of year) because clogs in your parking lot drainage system is just something no one wants to have to deal with but definitely can happen. We also even offer catch basin filters if your commercial property could have potential threats to a nearby watershed. Once parking lots are clear of the winter debris and catch basins have been inspected and are clean, we can move onto pavement or property maintenance that all properties require.

Pot holes, sidewalks, parking lot curbing, landscaping, catch basin repair, parking lot signage, and even specialty striping are all at the top of the list to prepare your property for late spring, summer and fall. Staying ahead and ultimately on top of all this is what’s involved in having a smooth operating commercial property for all to use with little to no liabilities. Our spring schedule books fast so please call Three D today with any last minute questions or concerns and become a part of the growing Three D client list today!

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