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Catch Basin Cleaning and Flooding Protection

Unexpected weather patterns can cause a multitude of issues for commercial properties especially if your catch basins aren’t regularly inspected for debris and potential clogs. We all know summer months can bring rain, lots of it, and some years more than others. However rain alone is not the issue, it’s the amount of rain and the rate at which it falls. Powerful storms can cause flooding and if your catch basins for your commercial property, parking lot, construction site, parking garage are not performing to their potential you could be left with not only a huge mess but potential liabilities and it could even lead to a potential halt in business. A proper functioning drainage system ensures that runoff doesn’t contaminate or pollute local water ways and keeps parking lots and city streets free and clear from flooding.

If your catch basins (or catch basin filters) are clogged, that means there’s nowhere for the runoff to exit your property. The important thing is not to wait until the system is blocked or flooded; use a preventative approach. Setting up a scheduled regular maintenance program is your best approach to preventing future problems. Don’t wait, get your catch basin cleaned before it is blocked. This will make it possible for water flow to continue through the drain as needed. Get on our regular maintenance schedule today!

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