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Protect your investment

Keeping your Retail parking lot clean and safe for all to use is our priority. When you mention the word retail it will almost always translate into foot traffic as well as vehicles and other methods of transportation needing places to park and pass through. Keeping those areas free from litter and debris on a daily basis is paramount. Not only does it increase your curb appeal to attract new customers and keep them returning, but it will extend the life span of the pavement itself. Dirt, sand, debris, and litter that are not dealt with in a timely manner can ultimately shorten the life of your parking lot. Litter sweeping, grounds maintenance, and catch basin cleaning are all the sure ways to keep this from happening as well as continue to maintain an excellent reputation. Protecting your investment is important and in order to achieve all these things, you must be on our regular schedule of routine parking lot cleaning, grounds keeping, and catch basin inspection. Our trucks are out in the field around the clock and we can tailor our schedule to meet your commercial parking lot needs. Three D can help to bring you peace of mind knowing that your facility will always be clean and safe for all to use when you are part of our daily maintenance schedule. Call Three D today for more details and pricing.

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