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Three D knows parking areas

Temperatures in the northeast are still relatively moderate considering the historical reports from past years. Yet there are still many parking lots that are entering into the point of no return and in need of repair, that are also lacking the proper amount of daily maintenance. Winter months will be in full swing shortly with temperatures so low that any repairs will have to wait till the spring and by that time they will be even worse. Property maintenance is our business and we not only sweep commercial lots and provide litter control, we can maintain the very surface that your property is on as well as monitor your drainage system, making Three D a full service business that puts our customers first. Daily maintenance, litter patrol, parking lot seeping, catch basin cleaning and inspection, parking lot repair, snow removal, specialty signage and line striping are all on our list of services. This all applies to garages, airports, shopping malls, campuses, grocery stores, and a multitude of commercial parking areas. Failure to have the correct property maintenance company in place could result in a lack of business for your customers and potential liabilities year round. Three D knows parking areas and can provide you with an endless amount of maintenance services, as well as the right amount of curb appeal to make your property stand out, ultimately creating a safe and friendly environment for all to use and work. Call Three D Industrial Maintenance today!

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