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Driving Safely This Holiday Season

We are amongst one of the busiest travel seasons of the year, where 67% of Americans plan to use vacation days and/or paid time off to hit the road during this time of year (not to mention go holiday shopping). When out and about during this holiday season please remember to keep in mind that driving on roadways and in and out of commercial parking lots can prove to be more challenging than usual. Where as Three D is out in full force keeping parking lots clean and safe for all to use, it doesn’t protect you from aggressive drivers that will make bad judgments, pass unexpectedly, and make trying to park difficult. Here’s some quick tips to help make traveling safer this season:

  • Before you start your trip, make sure your vehicle is in good shape for travel.

  • Make sure you’re well-rested before a long drive.

  • Give yourself plenty of time and distance to react to the traffic around you.

  • Increased holiday traffic and winter road conditions can be frustrating. Put the safety of everyone in your car first by letting impatient and aggressive drivers pass you.

  • Using a designated driver when you have a couple of holiday refreshments.

  • Driving requires your full attention.

  • Check the weather before heading out to ensure the roads are safe to drive on.

  • Park straight in a parking space.

  • Don't straddle a line and take up two spaces in a parking lot or garage.

  • Don't take up two spaces on the street.

  • Take your turn when waiting for a parking place.

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