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Making sure your facility operates in the safest manner during the winter season

With holidays, celebrations, shopping, and cold weather precipitation already upon us, Three D takes plenty of time to prepare in advance for an entire season of snow and ice control. This significant and often unpredictable task is important for the safety of your commercial property and all who travel/use it. Don’t gamble with outcomes of waiting till it’s too late. Three D has the training, knowledge, experience, and equipment to help make sure your facility will operate in the safest manner possible during the winter season. Parking lot management is one of our specialties through the hardest part of the year. We strive to be the best in our methods of keeping parking lots safe for all to use. Three D has a fleet of state of the art, heavy duty, commercial grade snow removal equipment that is built to endure even the coldest of temperatures and the deepest of snow. We also specialize in dealing with the icing effects, which can paralyze other companies that use sub-par snow removal equipment. With many years of experience in the field of parking lot maintenance and working side by side with our clients to develop maintenance plans for their commercial properties, we help to provide a safe place for all pedestrians, employees, and consumers, to use ALL season long.


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