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Snowstorms in the Hudson Valley

Snowstorms in the Hudson Valley can bring lots of things, some pleasant and some unpleasant like heavy snow, freezing rain and fierce winds. Either way, for Three D it means one thing .. snow removal. Commercial properties rely on us to keep their parking areas and pedestrian walkways clear from accumulating snow during the most difficult time of the year. Three D has been long prepared for winter and our staff and fleet of snow removal vehicles are ready to do their job effectively at a moment’s notice (even during a pandemic). Three D monitors and tracks each and every upcoming storm using the latest technology and can adjust how we will approach each one by preparing in advance. There are different kinds of snow events, each offers a different set of challenges. A long heavy snow, like a lake effect snow or blizzard, may require us to plow the same area several times. An ice storm will present unsafe conditions in parking lots and walkways and it’s likely to do more salting than actual plowing. Either way during the winter months you can count on Three D to put in place a snow removal program that will work best for your property and all your customers.


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