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COVID-19 – Personal Protection Debris adding to parking lot clean up

As many towns enter phase one and now phase two of opening businesses, commercial properties are having to deal with the left-over personal protection debris scattered amongst their grounds and parking lots. Disposed rubber gloves, disposable face masks, and wipes are a common theme of what’s being found on the ground and stuck underneath landscaping as the wind spreads it out. Since the end of this dilemma is unclear this problem will likely continue for some time. People usually litter because they do not feel responsible for commercial areas like parking lots. The more they litter, the more it becomes a habit, and we’ve now gone from having to clean and sweep plastic sheets, bags, discarded meal containers, bottles and cans to Covid-19 personal protection debris adding to the mess. Inevitable storms will also carry these unsightly items as the wind and rain deliver them toward parking lot corners and storm water conveyance systems. Our personnel at Three D are well aware of the added dangers these additional items can cause if not cleaned up properly as to prevent clogs in storm water drains and to prevent the spread of this virus from masks carrying viral material from the last wearer. Your properties perimeters are also just as important, and we specialize in keeping your islands and grassy areas clean from this debris as well. Perimeter cleaning is an important part of our total sweeping package. 3D Industrial Maintenance Corporation will ensure all areas are free of this additional debris in order to maintain a reputation we’ve worked so hard at to keep as we continue to provide a professional appearance for your property.


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