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Don’t gamble with your investment

Winter months and a wet spring can put some serious wear and tear on parking lots and can inevitably cause damage. Three D specializes in implementing maintenance programs for commercial properties. We can help you to create safe parking lots for all to use as well as protect your foot traffic. Three D knows how to avoid most problems that can occur from not taking simple precautions. A parking lot that shows signs of neglect will have a negative impact on your visitors before they even reach your front door and that’s where years of experience combined with a multitude of services will help you to avoid problems from ever happening. Our programs will keep parking lots free of debris, keep up with regular pavement maintenance, clean out catch basins, remove trash and litter from hardscape areas and sweep out all curb lines and corners, giving your property that clean, crisp look that tells your customers that details are important to you. We also have a commercial pressure washing system that is especially useful for parking lots and garages helping to remove the salt, dirt, and debris left over from winter. We even have the means to get your pipe systems (storm drains, catch basins) clean through a combination of high-pressure water and industrial strength vacuums. So, if you don’t have an industrial maintenance company in place, or you are unsatisfied with the one you do, call Three D today to get on our monthly maintenance program.


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