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Power Washing & Removing Oils Stains

power washing

Unsightly oil stains in your parking lot / commercial property can lower the perceived value. Not only does it look bad, but they can also be a slip hazard for employees, customers, and visitors. A clean parking lot creates a higher sense of professionalism and curb appeal as well as makes it safer for all, allowing you to take pride in your location.

· Your parking lot is one of the first things that customers see when they enter your establishment.

· If customers see a dirty parking lot, they will easily assume that it is the same for the rest of the premises.

· Power washing the stains in your parking lot away will give your parking lot a deep clean.

· Getting rid of all the asphalt stains on your parking lot makes painted parking lines become easier to see, thus making it safer

Start off your curb appeal on a strong note, schedule to have your parking lot stains power washed at least once a year to keep your business’s professional appearance. Contact Three D Industrial Maintenance today!


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