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Spring Cleanup for Commercial Properties

Spring is here and it’s time to have a thorough scrub and litter cleanup performed to your commercial property. Our fleet can handle anything winter leaves behind and at the same time we're doing a job that’s essential for the safety of motorists and pedestrians, as well as helping to prevent trash from entering public waterways, AND helping to keep your overall curbside appeal looking top notch. If not removed in time, a percentage of sand and salt accumulation left behind from winter can also present issues as it can find its way into local watersheds and nearby streams with spring showers. Three D has a full fleet of vehicles for street and parking lot cleaning to prevent roadway debris from having a negative effect on the environment. Our machines provide the very best in clean up methods and are considered state of the art in the Street Sweeping industry.

Don’t forget to ask about our power washing services for dirt, debris, gum, bacteria, oil, and grease to build-up on parking lot surfaces. Regular pavement cleaning is a necessity for businesses and commercial properties. Property owners who decide on pavement pressure washing will immediately see the benefits.


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